Upcoming Terra NFT Projects

Logo Title Description Links Price Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

90s Punks is a collection of 2222 randomly generated NFT on the TERRA Blockchain.
0.39LUNAMint price 2222Supply 06/11/2022Launch date Launch time (UTC)

Moon Goons is an exclusive NFT collection of cute cosmic crusties meandering around the Terra Blockchain scavenging for space junk.
99USTMint price 4444Supply 05/24/2022Launch date Launch time (UTC)

#555 terra dogs nfts on terra blockchain
55USTMint price 555Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

The Eternal Aliens have invaded the Terra galaxy with the goal of harvesting all LUNA. EAs believe LUNA is the most powerful and valuable resource across […]
50-80USTMint price 9999Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

A #TerraNFT collection of 4000 unique and hand-engineered rockets launching into the Terraverse.
120USTMint price 4000Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

It is the FIRST PlayNity’s NFT collection with many GREAT utilities. 1800 NFTs will be minted very SOON on the Terra blockchain.
TBALUNAMint price 1800Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

Mr Beefs Burgers is an art forward generative NFT series that incorporates memes and flips the typical construction on its head. The burgers are generated in […]
39.69USTMint price 2000Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

Buffalo’s is a collection of 3500 Buffalo NFTs unique digital collectibles minted on the Terra blockchain. Each Buffalo is unique, made in 8k resolution, Rare NFT are […]
100-150LUNAMint price 3500Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

The Army Punks are a set of highly equipped Soldiers set out to protect and serve the TerraVerse. 10,030 Unique soldiers called to war based on […]
2LUNAMint price 10030Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

The Moonkees is a deflationary collection of 3333 NFTs developed on the Terra blockchain, which seeks to bring together the fundamentals of non-fungible tokens with the […]
110USTMint price 3333Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

Culture Sharks celebrates the journey Sharks took from sea to land. Sharks and their new human friends are now working together to clean up the oceans. […]
39USTMint price 7000Supply 05/21/2022Launch date Launch time (UTC)

Lunatic Clubhouse is a collection of contributors from various terra-ecosystem communities. The clubhouse’s goal is to bring those communities together through the first social recreational gambling […]
1LUNAMint price 7777Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

Lunatic Dino is a drop of custom illustrative characters, aiming to express personality and individuality. Through different traits, facial expressions, and clothes, Lunatic Dino embraces what […]
TBALUNAMint price 3333Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

Terra’s Play to Earn game rewarding / Token Airdrop will be : KAIYO$ / Little introduction : The Kaiju will be in the form of 3 […]
TBALUNAMint price 6250Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

SmokedApe is a new era of 10.420 Apes who are landed on Terra blockchain with the vision of continuing the Ape dynasty. You can normally find […]
LUNAMint price 10420Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

This collection is called “OBLIVERSE” cause of two word combinet, oblivion and universe. Anyone who will own a NFT from this collection, is going to be […]
1000USTMint price 999Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

Supply: TBA randomly generated Terranoids on the TERRA blockchain
50USTMint price Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

its ben favourite alien of all time . its power is absorbing energy and release them to opponent.
1,5LUNAMint price 1Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

100LUNAMint price 6Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

The new cool NFT collection based on fashion. Breaking the rules on @Terra_Money  ↙↙↙
300USTMint price 5555Supply 05/16/2022Launch date Launch time (UTC)

Terra punk will be a 10k nft’s collection unique is not a crypto punk is a similar design but totaly different , is divided into volumes, […]
25USTMint price 1Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

A unique collection of 7,777 NFTs of Evil Aliens. As humans try to expand their habitat to outer space, Evil Aliens are also trying to take […]
1LUNAMint price 7777Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

I combine artistically created skyline silhouettes I have created of cities from around the world with crypto emojis. They appeal to people who love coins. Each […]
1LUNAMint price 100Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

Dancero is a web3 learn-to-earn platform using dance as a trojan horse to further crypto adoption in Latin America. It is built on top of an […]
100USTMint price 2000Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

Arteffect is a collection of 10050 NFTs on the terra blockchain, each made to leave a mark on the world.
200LUNAMint price 10050Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

1,000 unique Squares launching on the Terra Blockchain. Each NFT represents fractional ownership of the DAOs treasury. 1,000 generative Squares each with a family color, a […]
1000USTMint price 1000Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

A very nice use for NFT market is charity. The NFT for good. NFT to help people who are in danger, who are hungry. Because pandemic […]
10USTMint price 10000Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

First Retro NFTs on Terra. Building a collective story.
LUNAMint price Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

Randomly Generated NFT Collectables on @terra_money – launch TBA on @ProtocolTalis
0,01LUNAMint price Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

Not all birds want to be songbirds
LUNAMint price Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

Hand drawn NFT project by graffiti artist Kaput… Website coming soon! Discord coming soon!! Collection coming soon!!!
LUNAMint price Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

Galactic Fruit Fresh out of the Garden of Eden. 888 LUNANA hidden on @terra_money universe.
0,99LUNAMint price 888Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

The first NFT to honor our leader, our messiah, Do Kwon. 🙌 We call ourselves DOMEN! ⚔️
0,01LUNAMint price 10000Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

The incredibly adorable NFT that’ll melt your heart with incredibly cute and cheeky pets🐾coming soon to screens near you!
LUNAMint price Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

10000 of US having fun on @terra_money Provisional Mint: To Be Announced 10% of mint will go to DAO 90% of royalties will go to DAO
2LUNAMint price 10000Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

Greek Mythology inspired NFT collection on the #Terra blockchain.| All 8888 pieces are unique and hand-illustrated.
LUNAMint price 8888Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

Brains Brains Brains. NOT RELEASED YET. Drop COMING UP
LUNAMint price Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

🦊 Inspired by love to our darling living animals – $LUNA #WildStellaNFT 🎗️🌙🪐 Reaches us from
2LUNAMint price 3108Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

A NFT collection
LUNAMint price Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

A collection of 66 unique portraits from a color-inverted version of the pencil drawing.
LUNAMint price 66Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

Gamified NFTs coming to @terra_money . Collect once, play forever in decentralized fantasy sports contests. Formerly Fantasy Investar.
LUNAMint price Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

Wine ownership in the real world, appreciating as NFTs on Terra.
LUNAMint price Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure I TrashgangNFTs coming to 🌖 @Terra_money I 10,000 Piles Of Trash designed by LUNAtics for LUNAtics #Trashgang
LUNAMint price 10000Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

LUNAMint price Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

Pilot your own NFT spaceship in the TerraStars game!
LUNAMint price 10000Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

loss-less price prediction NFT game leveraging #Terra Ecosystem to create a rewarding experience for players $ANC $UST $LUNA
LUNAMint price 10000Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

in progress
LUNAMint price Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

F1 inspired NFT collection and racing game built on Terra
LUNAMint price Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

7000 unique #GoldenSnubs coming to @terra_money that give their owners a shot at monthly artwork airdrops commissioned only for the club from artists globally
0,01LUNAMint price 7000Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

As #LUNAtics we rise from the ashes. #RugBusters
0,01LUNAMint price Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

An upcoming NFT project on Terra featuring gory things to the hedz! Watch out for this hedz collection coming soon.
LUNAMint price Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

The faster we accelerate into the future the more we need a connection to the wisdom of the past. New #NFT experiment coming to $Terra
LUNAMint price Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

Farmer Dave here! Just getting ready for the NFT harvest this season, and picked out some of the most lovely Spuds I could find!
LUNAMint price Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

focused on making NFTs that blend the lines between generative art and the real world on @terra_money Terra $LUNA – 7,777 Flakes – First Drop Coming
0,01LUNAMint price 7777Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

8,888 Companions of the #LUNAtics | Randomly generated NFTs | Evolving with their environment |
0,01LUNAMint price 8888Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

Uniquely generated 1069 cute LunaDogs on Terra Blockchain.
LUNAMint price 1069Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

When hope remains, darkness vanishes. A new order is rising.
LUNAMint price Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

Coming on Luna.
LUNAMint price Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

A Ticket Machine located in the @Terra_money metaverse. It contains everything #LUNAtics may need. Cumming soon, in the middle of the No Nut November crisis.
0,4LUNAMint price Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

Decentralised Casino | Terra Blockchain | Coming soon..
LUNAMint price Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

A wiggly #NFT project on #Terra
LUNAMint price Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

SSS Squids dropping soon Solana based collection $sol Supply: 2222 Mint price: 0.2sol Mint Date: SOON
LUNAMint price Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

First one 2.000 NFT exclusive collection of the funniest and crazy ALIENS, Mint coming Soon Terra blockchain
0,01LUNAMint price 2000Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

NFT project on Terra coming soon™
LUNAMint price 9642Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

NFT project of the Moon Bunny on #Terra | In progress…
LUNAMint price Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

Rappers NFT collection on Terra inspired by Hip-Hop culture
0,01LUNAMint price Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

Terrassic Park is a unique #NFT collection on #Terra. 60,000,000 years in the making by a dedicated team. Digital De-Extinction! No more fossils!
0,01LUNAMint price Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

Introducing the first NFT project on the Terra block chain based on clowns.
130USTMint price Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

Democratising Real-World Real Estate Investments as NFTs on @terra_money with #LosslessInvesting $UST
0,01LUNAMint price Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

2,222 Space Mushrooms are searching for a new home to start their expansion into the Metaverse. Terrarium – NFT Collection & DAO on Terra Blockchain. Soon.
0,01LUNAMint price 2222Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

0,01LUNAMint price Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

Coming soon on #terra
0,01LUNAMint price Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

The wait is finally over for @ProtocolTalis . We’re happy to announce that we’ll be launching with @ProtocolTalis on the 18th of December !
LUNAMint price Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

5000 NFTs with over 100 possible traits, custom marketplace, and also affordable everyone should have one – soon on @terra_money   .
0,01LUNAMint price 5000Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

1000 uniquely generated Terra Dactyls all generated from the Terra Blockchain!
0,01LUNAMint price 1000Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

Unique NFT collection of 10420 collectables Original spray paintings made by artist @stebo_art | Join our ape family @ http://t.me/artsyapes
0,01LUNAMint price 10420Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

Build your own BeeArmy!
35USTMint price 8500Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

t’s almost Deer Season! 2,222 Darling Deers NFTs on the Terra network. Luna & UST is the way. Coming soon: Join our loving community: The Parcel!
1LUNAMint price 2222Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

Coming soon to the Terra.
LUNAMint price 10000Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

Brawl Turtles is a 3D collection about 4,477 Fight Turtles on #TerraLuna Ecosystem.
LUNAMint price 4477Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

10000 hamsters.  
LUNAMint price 10000Supply Launch date Launch time (UTC)

Active Terra NFT Projects

Logo Title Description Links Mint Price Supply Market Launch date

How did Unstables on Terra look like before they changed into everyday things? Meet Aliens of Luna! They are ready to fight against the Guardians of […] 89USTMint price 3456Supply | | Market 04/29/2022Launch date

We aim to create exclusive high quality art only. (5420 chances to become part of something special. )An enticing and fun experience. A brand for all […] 105USTMint price 5420Supply | | Market 04/20/2022Launch date

LUNILAND is a metaverse on Terra Blockchain integrated with $LUNI token and LUNILAND NFTs. Our goal is to create living, engaging and colorful environment starting from […] Zone 1 - 1050 UST | Zone 2 - 700 UST | Zone 3 - 350USTMint price 1000Supply | | Market 04/10/2022Launch date

Meta-builder will be launching the first Voxel NFTs on Terra. This collection of 3,896 3D Voxas will be your new identity in the metaverses such as […] TBALUNAMint price 3896Supply | | Market 04/27/2022Launch date

Groovy Trance is a generative audiovisual NFT project where the art itself is partly hand-drawn and partly generated using an algorithm. Pieces are rendered into trippy […] 1LUNAMint price 100Supply | | Market 04/28/2022Launch date

Wearing a mask is a metaphor to distinguish the types of attitudes held in different situations of life, so you can wear the mask of the […] 30LUNAMint price 10Supply | | Market 03/27/2022Launch date

This is my first NFT project, hoping for world peace and no war. 0.01LUNAMint price 5000Supply | | Market 03/20/2022Launch date

Minting benefits: Weekly airdrops of $CUTE (see roadmap); Dualstaking : 25% on $UST (see roadmap); Play2Earn early access; Receive a physical version of your NFT. Mint […] 1LUNAMint price 3450Supply | | Market 03/18/2022Launch date

CCC is a generative NFT art collection that highlights my love for corgis! Using over 160 unique handdrawn traits, 2500 wonderful corgis will be introduced via […] 50USTMint price 2500Supply | | Market 03/31/2022Launch date

Handi Heroes will be the first yield-charity NFT-DAO crosschain project made for rise awareness of physically disabled people and rare disease and make money by pasive […] 0.5LUNAMint price 10000Supply | | Market 02/10/2022Launch date

1111 Luna Doodle Monkeys that live on the Luna Lollipop Planet.  They are here to have fun and help grow the Luna NFT ecosystem.  We will […] 0.7LUNAMint price 1111Supply | | Market 03/23/2022Launch date

lightbulbs all types 350USTMint price 1Supply | | Market 02/07/2022Launch date

HODL=LOVE. We need more love to defeat the BEAR! 0.5LUNAMint price 1000Supply Knowhere.art | | Market 02/01/2022Launch date

NFT Syndicated brings together a well-rounded team of individuals who are share a common vision #SFW_NFT. Through their varied experiences, the our team has come to […] 1LUNAMint price 1Supply | | Market 02/11/2022Launch date

The Terra-Rex Jurassic Galaxy is a collection of 10000 unique Terra-Rex NFTs. Each Genesis Terra-Rex grants you the absolute ownership of your NFT, and backs you […] 15USTMint price 10000Supply | | Talis.artMarket 02/02/2022Launch date

100% handrawn 5.5k bird NFTs that give you a blessing when hodl. A collection with raffles and  buyback FOREVER powered by anchor. 20USTMint price 5500Supply | | Talis.artMarket 02/03/2022Launch date


12USTMint price 100Supply | | Market 01/27/2022Launch date

hai this is desi indian nft where you can find the unique art works about indian culture and indians hope this is a best place to […] 1USTMint price 1Supply | | Market 01/25/2022Launch date

Give and you shall receive! Enter a lossless NFT lottery where simply buying one NFT entitles you to monthly raffles with money prize, airdrops and much […] 25USTMint price 5008Supply | | Talis.artMarket 01/26/2022Launch date

Enraged Bulls is the biggest NFT project kickstarting 2022! Get up to 0.1ETH rebate for minting your Enraged Bulls NFT with diamond hand perks, metaverse influence, […] 0,09LUNAMint price 6999Supply | | Market 01/30/2022Launch date

The Jungle´s family is a very particular family live fun adventures in a very large jungle. 40USTMint price 1Supply | | Market 01/22/2022Launch date

We are two space documentarians and artists, MaryLiz and Ryan. We live right next to Starbase, where SpaceX is developing the largest, most powerful rocket: Starship. […] 1,42LUNAMint price 1420Supply | | Market 01/19/2022Launch date

CrazyBunnyClub is a collection of 100 NFTs randomly generated and stylistically organized. 2,5LUNAMint price 100Supply | | Market 01/20/2022Launch date

Welcome to Space Pets  I know, those Pets looks very cool, but beside being cute they give you differents privileges. By owning one of our original […] 150USTMint price 5Supply | | Market 02/11/2022Launch date

We are the aesthetic world. 10USTMint price 9999Supply | | Market 01/19/2022Launch date

This is a collection that we have secretly worked on, which was intended to be a completely different project unrelated to Unstables. But we decide to […] 25USTMint price 1234Supply | | Talis.artMarket 01/29/2022Launch date

RobotHeads is a story-based NFT project that evolves as the story evolves. In the year 2121, the RobotHeads, newly sentient androids, emerge into a world where […] 25USTMint price 350Supply | | Talis.artMarket 01/20/2022Launch date

There are 490 nfts that will help the Mountain gorillas with a donation, apart from their holders will obtain prizes in honor of the last 1063 […] 1LUNAMint price 490Supply | Randomearth.io | Market Launch date

Holders of this collection of NFTs will have access to exclusive airdrops, a DAO, and other opportunities. 110USTMint price 5064Supply | | Market 02/25/2022Launch date

Puffin Pirates is a collection of 10 000 randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. The community (aka the colony) will be able to mint assembled […] 0,07LUNAMint price 9999Supply | | Market 01/13/2022Launch date

MTC seals are 3,600+ unique Christmas Seals with proof of ownership stored on the Terra blockchain. 80% of mint proceeds will be donated to the the […] 1LUNAMint price 3600Supply | | Market 12/31/2021Launch date

The poops are an income generating, charity giving, hand drawn collection of 888 unique NFTs on Terra Blockchain. The team’s goals include going cross-chain, releasing merchandise, […] 88USTMint price 888Supply | | Market 05/01/2022Launch date

Generative Art where intricate colorful patterns are generated, using code, and smashed together into unique trippy NFTs that live on the Terra Blockchain. 1.5LUNAMint price 200Supply | Randomearth.io | Market 01/01/2022Launch date

As part of an expedition out of the Research Facility into the human world, 100 ProtoHeads have disguised themselves in holiday wear and have been released […] 40USTMint price 100Supply | | Talis.artMarket 12/24/2021Launch date

One day, in a particular sushi restaurant in the Anchanted Universe, the sushis vanished into thin air. It was not a case of stolen sushis. It […] 1, 1.5, 2, and auctions beginning from 3 LUNAMint price 22Supply | | Talis.artMarket 12/02/2021Launch date

A collection of NFTs that will allow its holders access to airdrops, a DAO and many more opportunities.   80USTMint price 3000Supply | | Market 12/15/2021Launch date

Multichain project, already launched on Solana, mint date on Luna TBA. Whitelist spots are opened! Exclusive collection of 100 unique NFTs, no generator was used.   1-2LUNAMint price 100Supply Knowhere.art | | Market 01/19/2022Launch date

10.000 pages of randomly combined characters stored on chain. Feel free to use Non Fungible Library in any way you want.   LUNAMint price 10000Supply | | Market Launch date

Tails Art 0,01LUNAMint price Supply | | Talis.artMarket Launch date

Anonymous artist account dedicated to making fantastic illustrations of the crypto scene. #NFTs #NFTartists 8LUNAMint price Supply | | Talis.artMarket Launch date

Tails art   0,01LUNAMint price Supply | | Talis.artMarket Launch date

Official Instagram: http://instagram.com/anchanted.art/ Artist Instagram: https://instagram.com/charlycatfightsback/ 0,01LUNAMint price Supply | | Talis.artMarket Launch date

Just a Dad trying to do his best with NFTs for his daughter♥️ LUNAMint price Supply | | Talis.artMarket Launch date

Work in progress: I want to share all the exciting developments on the terra ecosystem with as many people as possible. 0,01LUNAMint price Supply | Randomearth.io | Market 11/30/2021Launch date

A post-apocalyptic, community-driven AI art project on #Terra Community: https://discord.com/invite/HHUNaVJtXB | Contact: admin@dystopai.art 3,33LUNAMint price 3333Supply | | Market 12/17/2021Launch date

Residents of the Lunar Ant Colony are landing at @terra_money 🌕 AR/VR NFT collectibles 🔥 2,5LUNAMint price 10000Supply | | Talis.artMarket Launch date

NFT built exclusively for Terra LUNAMint price Supply | Randomearth.io | Market Launch date

NFTs and Play-To-Earn on #TERRA LUNAMint price 5000Supply Knowhere.art | | Talis.artMarket 12/08/2021Launch date

An Inclusive Culture and Fashion-based NFT collection. Launching on #Solana & #Terra 2,5LUNAMint price 2111Supply Knowhere.art | | Market Launch date

28°35’7.01″N, 80°39’2.99″W discord.gg/Terrans 25USTMint price 10000Supply | | Talis.artMarket 11/27/2021Launch date

#NFT artist 0,01LUNAMint price Supply | | Talis.artMarket Launch date

NFT-Creator with Thai fighting fish called “Nong Pla”. Digital painting Collection of 222 fishes (95/222) Pla-Net hunter coming soon on Knowhere #gm 0,01LUNAMint price 222Supply Knowhere.art | | Market Launch date

@LUNIonTerra Website: http://luniofficial.com Telegram: http://t.me/LUNIonTerra Discord: http://discord.gg/B8FA9fFHT9 YouTube: http://tinyurl.com/LUNIonTerra 0,01LUNAMint price 50Supply Knowhere.art | | Market 11/24/2021Launch date

The next step of NFT technology. Unlock your full potential with Placébo NFT. 0,01LUNAMint price Supply | | Talis.artMarket Launch date

$LUNA-tic doggo who creates cute NFTsRocket Live on @ProtocolTalis Artist palette 0,01LUNAMint price Supply | | Talis.artMarket Launch date

Groovy Afterlife is a #generative #Art #NFT Project with unique pieces on #Solana, #Fantom, #Harmony, #Tezos, and #Terra 1LUNAMint price 100Supply | | Talis.artMarket 11/28/2021Launch date

#NFT BUIBUI Ticket to the moon new set ‘ICE CREAM’ will be launched on http://talis.art Full moon symbol soon! 0,01LUNAMint price Supply | | Talis.artMarket Launch date

On chain, just in time minting, fairly distributed punks of Luna. 1LUNAMint price 10000Supply | | Market 12/04/2021Launch date

Fine Art Photographer & filmmaker from Turku, Finland◾original NFT photography launch Nov. 17th 6pm UTC @ProtocolTalis w/ limited Edition Fine Art prints $LUNA 0,01LUNAMint price Supply | | Talis.artMarket Launch date

The strange. The desolate. The moody. Original photographic & photo-derived #LUNANFT art by @touch_the_sky1 available NOW on @ProtocolTalis #TerraNFTs 0,01LUNAMint price Supply | | Talis.artMarket 11/15/2021Launch date

5,555 unique Moggies on Terra are now ready. Bring to your home the cutest Moggies 0,1LUNAMint price 5555Supply | Randomearth.io | Market 12/01/2021Launch date

Welcome to the world of TerraGolem on @terra_money , a full 3D #NFT collectibles of 101 handcrafted golem with different tratis and rarity, Catch ’em all […] 0,01LUNAMint price 101Supply | | Talis.artMarket 11/24/2021Launch date

We are a team of NFT and cryto enthusiatsts, artists and LUNAtics. LUNAMint price Supply | | Talis.artMarket Launch date

NFT Artist. Original, hand drawn digital festival art, #glastopunks #festivalpunks and pixel NFT’s. NFT drop on @protocoltalis Nov 22nd 🚀 $LUNA $UST 0,01LUNAMint price Supply | | Talis.artMarket 11/22/2021Launch date

22 / $LUNA / original NFT artist on http://Talis.Art / cartoons, faces and zentangles / aubs 💍 / Angel Alliance LUNAMint price Supply | | Talis.artMarket Launch date

7777 Unique #NFT Floors on $ETH Blockchain LUNAMint price 7777Supply | | Market 12/12/2021Launch date

NFT project. 0,5LUNAMint price 10000Supply | | Talis.artMarket 11/16/2021Launch date

10k #WildKats are coming to the track. @terra_money 1LUNAMint price 10000Supply | | Talis.artMarket 01/06/2022Launch date

We are 5000 Animated, 3D, Realistic dragons – Entering the Metaverse! Our project focuses on high-quality 3D Art and animation. Gen-1 dragons will breed free Gen-2 […] 2LUNAMint price 5000Supply | Randomearth.io | Market 01/16/2022Launch date

A true villain fit for the terraverse. Partnered with 2 leading protocols on @terra_money 0,01LUNAMint price Supply | | Talis.artMarket Launch date

A pixel invasion is coming to Terra! Stay Tuned! 0,01LUNAMint price 4950Supply | Randomearth.io | Market 12/03/2021Launch date

So high we reached the Moon 🌗 #NFT 420 Randomly generated Astronerz collectibles launching on @terra_money 0,01LUNAMint price 420Supply | | Talis.artMarket 11/26/2021Launch date

A unique collection of 3000 Warriors on #Terra blockchain, 1500 Samuraïs / 1500 Ninjas // MINT PRICE :0.69 Luna //. 0,69LUNAMint price 3000Supply | Randomearth.io | Market 11/20/2021Launch date

#lunar6dragon NFTs on @Terra_Money | 2,002 astronauts Marketplace : RandomEarth Designed by @phuchix2 | Website & Discord : coming soon 0,01LUNAMint price 2002Supply | Randomearth.io | Market 01/05/2022Launch date

Does Terra have a P2E NFT game yet? Giddy up! 3LUNAMint price 3000Supply | Randomearth.io | Market 12/06/2021Launch date

Welcome to our #abstractworld . I’m an Verified Artist. 0,01LUNAMint price Supply | | Talis.artMarket Launch date

Just a humble, authentic, and original Terra NFT project. 0,01LUNAMint price 12Supply | | Talis.artMarket Launch date

1) Build Community 2) Minimal Minting Price 3) Flip for Profit #MintLowFlipHigh 0,01LUNAMint price 2600Supply Knowhere.art | | Market Launch date

Creators of #LunaBoys , The first announced 1,020 uniquely AI generative collectibles rewarding holders. Join the discord for a chance to be in whitelist 100USTMint price 1020Supply | | Talis.artMarket 12/04/2021Launch date

Groovy Afterlife is a generative art project where gnarly hand drawn layers are welded together, using code, into unique immutable NFTs that live on Multiple Blockchains. […] 1LUNAMint price 300Supply Knowhere.art | | Market 11/16/2021Launch date

Original designed #NFT Cartoonist | On @randomerth 0,01LUNAMint price Supply | Randomearth.io | Market 11/18/2021Launch date

We have colorful beaks, come from a mystic island and can actually fly. 🚨IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT🚨 New Mint Date: Wednesday November 17th Whitelist #1: 10:00 AM EST […] 25USTMint price 9873Supply | Randomearth.io | Market 11/17/2021Launch date

unique bears listing on @terra_money for the $lunatics 0,01LUNAMint price 10066Supply | Randomearth.io | Market 11/12/2021Launch date

coming soon to the terra blockchain 20USTMint price Supply | | Talis.artMarket Launch date

From Digital Art to NFTs World. -Handmade digital Artworks -NFTs Creator🧩 -only unique NFTs and Limited Collections On Knowhere_art 0,01LUNAMint price 10Supply Knowhere.art | | Market Launch date

6000 Algorithmically generated, unique, crazy & collectible Kwoonies! 2LUNAMint price 6000Supply Knowhere.art | | Market 11/11/2021Launch date

Coming soon: Leverage tokens on Terra Follow our progress 0,01LUNAMint price 41616Supply Knowhere.art | Randomearth.io | Market Launch date

3999 GFs collection on the #Terra representing a new era of sustainability in NFTs 0,01LUNAMint price 3999Supply | Randomearth.io | Market 11/07/2021Launch date

10,000 spacefaring Norcs, spreading $UST across the galaxy. Collectable NFTs coming soon to Terra. 0,01LUNAMint price 5000Supply | Randomearth.io | Market 11/19/2021Launch date

333 naughty snakes are coming. 49USTMint price 333Supply Knowhere.art | | Market 11/25/2021Launch date

TerraFits is an aesthetic #NFTCollection of 365 unique outfits around the world. 0,01LUNAMint price 365Supply | | Talis.artMarket 11/23/2021Launch date

ON http://knowhere.art NOW. We’re the ‘Dicks That Just Keep Giving 0,01LUNAMint price 720Supply Knowhere.art | | Market Launch date

NFTs, DeFi, photography. NFA Genesis collection dropping on Talis Protocol November 13th! 0,01LUNAMint price Supply | | Talis.artMarket 11/13/2021Launch date

4.567 Doctor NFT to support Children’s Hospitals 2LUNAMint price 4567Supply | Randomearth.io | Market 11/28/2021Launch date

Unleashed to protect the Terraverse. Launching very soon. 0,01LUNAMint price Supply Knowhere.art | | Market 11/18/2021Launch date

NFT Fight Game on Terra, Minting on November 0,01LUNAMint price Supply | Randomearth.io | Market 11/27/2021Launch date

We are listing 10,000 generative Ok-nim NFTs on RandomEarth. 3LUNAMint price 5580Supply | Randomearth.io | Market 11/16/2021Launch date

A new land to build so many possibilities. 0,01LUNAMint price Supply | | Market Launch date

Discord: https://discord.gg/HpyWu63Jre Web: http://fuckthesec.org 40USTMint price Supply Knowhere.art | | Market 11/19/2021Launch date

The only official twitter account for the Terradogi NFT. Launch on terra chain LUNAMint price Supply Knowhere.art | | Market 11/01/2021Launch date

We are not the smartest, not the prettiest. 50USTMint price 10000Supply | Randomearth.io | Talis.artMarket 11/26/2021Launch date

200  Punks, but with Anime Super Powers and Utility. 0,01LUNAMint price 200Supply Knowhere.art | Randomearth.io | Market Launch date

Whitelist: 10pm UTC – Public Sale: 12am UTC – Mint Price: 40 $UST – Supply: 5000 – Where: http://launchpad.luart.io 40USTMint price 5000Supply | | Market 02/07/2022Launch date

First cryptopunk on terraverse. Hold our #NFT and get Luna everyday. Game, Launchpad, airdrops for holders and many more to be announced #Luna. 0,01LUNAMint price 10000Supply | | Market 11/25/2021Launch date

Light paintings using long exposure on photo-sensitive diodes – NFTs coming soon to #Terra on @protocoltalis 1024 editions. 0,01LUNAMint price 1024Supply | | Talis.artMarket 11/11/2021Launch date

The first nature NFT project on @terra_money 80USTMint price 100Supply | | Talis.artMarket 12/31/2021Launch date

Terra-born NFT. An Extra Rare, Hand-Crafted collection of 300 Burg0rz to satisfy your NFT hunger. 0,01LUNAMint price 300Supply Knowhere.art | | Market 11/09/2021Launch date

From Monet to Money. 0,01LUNAMint price Supply | | Talis.artMarket Launch date

Terra Jnkrz are fantastical tug boats, outposts, skiffs & fantasy skyships. A unique collection of 210+ NFTs. 0,01LUNAMint price 210Supply | | Talis.artMarket 11/17/2021Launch date

TerraGems is a collectible NFT on the Terra Network. SEVEN DIFFERENT COLORS Sapphire.Apatite.Emerald.Topaz, Rubellite, Amethyst, Ruby The entire supply will be minted in one go. These […] 0,75LUNAMint price 1127Supply Knowhere.art | | Market 11/17/2021Launch date

The first country club on the Terra, granting members exclusive access to digital and physical experiences across the Terraverse. Dirty Bears only. 2LUNAMint price 5000Supply Knowhere.art | Randomearth.io | Market 12/08/2021Launch date

366 NFTs with different dates, 24 UST 24USTMint price 366Supply | | Talis.artMarket 12/15/2021Launch date

Your space hero wants a pet? Introducing—Goochi Goochi, #NFT pets in #Terraverse 0,01LUNAMint price 10000Supply | Randomearth.io | Talis.artMarket Launch date

1st NFT Pug in the galaxy of $luna on terra-chain, The Pug will parody big guys around the world. 0,01LUNAMint price 40Supply Knowhere.art | | Market Launch date

Terrasaurs is a Digital Collectible and NOT an investment. 0,01LUNAMint price 676Supply Knowhere.art | Randomearth.io | Market Launch date

A brand new NFT project that you can buy NFTs, separate their attributes, and combine each part (burn) to mint a new one and we call […] 4LUNAMint price 996Supply Knowhere.art | | Market 11/15/2021Launch date

We have developed a complete value chain that ever-encourages You, the holder, to play God. As our story progresses, You will be forced to make decisions […] 50USTMint price 5555Supply | Randomearth.io | Market 11/14/2021Launch date

As one of the earliest NFT projects on Terra, TerraBulls is a great opportunity to spread awareness of your favourite Terra protocol with a unique, eye-catching, […] 0,01LUNAMint price 637Supply Knowhere.art | | Market Launch date

Our Moonshrooms will take you to the moon. 0,01LUNAMint price 6Supply Knowhere.art | | Market 11/11/2021Launch date

•𝗗𝗶𝗴𝗶𝘁𝗮𝗹 𝗔𝗿𝘁 •𝟯𝗗 𝗔𝗿𝘁 •𝗖𝗿𝘆𝗽𝘁𝗼 𝗔𝗿𝘁 #𝗻𝗳𝘁 @knowhere_art   0,01LUNAMint price 18Supply Knowhere.art | | Market Launch date

256 generated Luna Lapin. . 0,01LUNAMint price 244Supply Knowhere.art | | Market Launch date

Cat lover NFT cat. Launching on Terra Chain @terra_money ($luna). Digital collectibles. 0,01LUNAMint price 100Supply Knowhere.art | | Market Launch date

Luna and LLama loving #LunaNFT collection Built on @terra_money 0,85LUNAMint price 150Supply Knowhere.art | | Market 11/22/2021Launch date

In the year 2525, the earth is uninhabitable and humans are ready to move to the moon. “To the moon” was the most popular phrase on […] 0,01LUNAMint price 256Supply Knowhere.art | | Talis.artMarket 11/26/2021Launch date

Welcome to the Final Frontier of the Terraverse. BID NOW: http://knowhere.art 200pc NFT Collection The Astroverse is a generative art NFT project; home to infinite unexplored […] 7,5LUNAMint price 600Supply Knowhere.art | Randomearth.io | Talis.artMarket 11/24/2021Launch date

THE LAST WAR OF THE CENTURY Choose your side and determines who wins. The first NFT that generate comics on $LUNA. 3,5LUNAMint price 10000Supply Knowhere.art | Randomearth.io | Talis.artMarket Launch date

First fully AI generated image NFT project on Terra, bringing 2666 Pixel Art Monsters. 0,01LUNAMint price 2666Supply | Randomearth.io | Market 11/02/2021Launch date

2188 mathematically generated NFT fractal art collection 0,01LUNAMint price 2188Supply | Randomearth.io | Talis.artMarket 11/05/2021Launch date

Open. Listen. React. 0,01LUNAMint price 100Supply | Randomearth.io | Market 12/07/2021Launch date

CatNIP NFT project on Terra Luna. NFT will be playable in an upcoming brawl star/battle royale style game.   We are from Catnip World. Our premier […] 0,01LUNAMint price 1900Supply | Randomearth.io | Market 10/31/2021Launch date

10,000 landing on the Terra. 0,01LUNAMint price 10000Supply Knowhere.art | Randomearth.io | Talis.artMarket Launch date

10K randomly generated 8bit misfits who like to party on the Terra blockchain. We are honoured to be one of the first NFT projects to launch […] 0,01LUNAMint price 10000Supply | Randomearth.io | Market Launch date

Planet of The Apes is our destination. We need to reach that planet as soon as possible to avoid our extinction. 3LUNAMint price 4705Supply | Randomearth.io | Talis.artMarket Launch date

The Red-Eyed Space Toads are the last remnants of an ancient cosmic civilization. 10,000 eggs that were preserved were discovered in a barren planet. It now […] 0,9LUNAMint price 10000Supply Knowhere.art | Randomearth.io | Market 11/05/2021Launch date

Whales aren’t just another fish in the sea. Only 1,000 whales will be minted until the end of time. People often ask,  ‘Why do the whales look […] 0,01LUNAMint price 1000Supply Knowhere.art | Randomearth.io | Market 10/27/2021Launch date

10,000 unique Luna Apes landed on Terraverse and are ready to mark their district 150USTMint price 10000Supply Knowhere.art | Randomearth.io | Market Launch date

  Galactic Punks are 10,921 randomly generated NFTs on the Terra blockchain. It was the year 2021 and Columbus-5 was around the corner. UST was the […] 28LUNAMint price 10921Supply Knowhere.art | Randomearth.io | Talis.artMarket 10/02/2021Launch date

project inspired by popular culture 3LUNAMint price 10050Supply Knowhere.art | Randomearth.io | Market Launch date

// 5000 randomly generated landscapes // presale – 10th December public sale 11th December // created by Robin Fischer LUNAMint price 5000Supply | Randomearth.io | Market 12/11/2021Launch date

#NFT project based on #Terra| Illustration project with story telling elements | Launch on @ProtocolTalis | @BixclowArt | LUNAMint price Supply | | Talis.artMarket 11/05/2021Launch date

@Lamborghini NFT Design Studio Deluxe NFTs on @terra_money Giving Hundreds of #LUNAtics A Ride To The Moon 3LUNAMint price 291Supply Knowhere.art | | Market 11/01/2021Launch date

. Let’s follow these Cosmic Colonist Cat on their voyage, seeking planets to colonize and spread their purr across the cosmic vastness. 2LUNAMint price 1024Supply Knowhere.art | | Market 11/17/2021Launch date

we sweep the hunger of galactic travellers.First #NFT drink project on #Terra ..-minting 120 unique collectible collection on @protocoltalis 100USTMint price Supply | | Talis.artMarket 11/22/2021Launch date

5,000 randomly generated outcasts coming to the Terra Blockchain.   LUNAMint price 5000Supply | | Market 12/31/2021Launch date

First deflationary NFT on Terra. You’ll want to destroy your NFT! Collection of 3.333 Handmade Aliens looking like things.   165USTMint price 3333Supply | Randomearth.io | Market 12/04/2021Launch date

Terra Bots are 10,101 randomly generated 3D NFTs designed for a future on the Terra blockchain. LUNAMint price 10001Supply | Randomearth.io | Market 11/14/2021Launch date

3098 escaped Terra. 0,01LUNAMint price 3098Supply | Randomearth.io | Market Launch date

Get ready for Terra’s expansion. Minting on @knowhere_art Terra CosmicWaves are 5035 unique NFTs launching on the Terra Blockchain. Each wave represents an instance of a […] 121USTMint price 5035Supply Knowhere.art | | Market 11/05/2021Launch date

NFT Trading Card Game based on real world events. Supply is 10 000 starter packs. Each contains 8 NFT cards. Starter packs are distributed to 3 […] 250USTMint price 8000Supply Knowhere.art | Randomearth.io | Market 12/01/2021Launch date

Each Hamster has their own story, discover yours in our Comic Metaverse. 1,95LUNAMint price 4444Supply | Randomearth.io | Market 11/06/2021Launch date

999 Waves generated in a controlled environment launching on @randomearth_io on 10th NOV. 3,33LUNAMint price 999Supply | Randomearth.io | Market 11/10/2021Launch date

Mooncakes for humans. Lunacakes for Terrans! 1200 Lunacakes available to be minted at 1 $LUNA each on 20/11 11:00 am UTC 1LUNAMint price 1200Supply | | Market 11/20/2021Launch date

10069 Randomly Generated NFT Collectables on @terra_money LUNAMint price 10069Supply | Randomearth.io | Market 12/06/2021Launch date

50% proceeds to fund perpetual charity dao 3LUNAMint price 1500Supply Knowhere.art | | Market 11/09/2021Launch date

500 hand-drawn NFTs launching November 1st with @ProtocolTalis leveraging @anchor_protocol yield 5LUNAMint price 500Supply | | Talis.artMarket 11/13/2021Launch date

Columbus Omnia Terra (COL) is a 10,000 NFT collection on Terra.   The best ideas can change who we are. Medium is where those ideas take […] LUNAMint price 10000Supply | | Market 10/26/2021Launch date

Collection of 600 NFT Terra Cards featuring projects on Terra 0,01LUNAMint price Supply Knowhere.art | | Market 10/29/2021Launch date

NFT THAILAND $LUNA animal digital painting on TERRA&ETH&BSC CHAIN BANGKOK linktr.ee/animalemo LUNAMint price 250Supply | | Market 10/15/2021Launch date

8888 Blub LUNAMint price 8888Supply | | Market 11/24/2021Launch date

Peeps are coming to the Terra universe. Artwork produced by @pablostanley Used via Public Domain License. LUNAMint price Supply Knowhere.art | | Market Launch date

Be part of the myth. 4,444 uniquely generated Anubis, a Post-Modern #NFT movement LUNAMint price 4444Supply | | Market 10/29/2021Launch date

colorful space pirates and crazy characters. The Survarian 512 unique generated. 1LUNAMint price 512Supply Knowhere.art | | Market 11/02/2021Launch date

#LMP Customized NFT collectibles member of @terracharity commissions | 1st auction “SPACE MEOW” launching on @ProtocolTalis LUNAMint price Supply | | Talis.artMarket Launch date

An interactive NFT project built on @terra_money . Each NFT represents a unique set of coordinates. 25USTMint price 1000Supply | Randomearth.io | Market 10/24/2021Launch date

@spaceloot_nft  First NFT on  @terra_money A Starship-themed on-chain randomized loot. LUNAMint price 8001Supply Knowhere.art | | Talis.artMarket 11/30/2021Launch date

Soul hunter is a collection of 6,666 profile characters that embodies the courage of eternal guardians fighting both in the realm of men and spirits. 3LUNAMint price 6666Supply | Randomearth.io | Market 10/28/2021Launch date

We are 6969 Space Toadz, the loyal pets of @galactic_punks on the Terra Metaverse . LUNAMint price 6969Supply Knowhere.art | Randomearth.io | Market 10/02/2021Launch date

Tales of Terra is a NFT Card Series that captures memorable moments in Terra’s history. Our first series includes 22 different Terra Cards, 22 different Luna […] 69USTMint price 1000Supply | Randomearth.io | Talis.artMarket 10/30/2021Launch date

Stunning Fractal Art – The first on the #Terra blockchain.   0,01LUNAMint price 333Supply Knowhere.art | | Market 12/01/2021Launch date


Wagmi Monkeez are a collection of 500 uniquely generated NFTs. 5LUNAMint price 500Supply Knowhere.art | Randomearth.io | Market 10/24/2021Launch date

When the intention is set, the body is united in the battle for freedom. The year is 3737, and only one human soul remains on earth. […] 200USTMint price 10101Supply | Randomearth.io | Market 11/23/2021Launch date